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Soft And Sexy Backlit Window Light Boudoir Photography

November 20, 2017
Some of my favorite boudoir photos are also some of the simplest to create. There is no expensive studio lighting being used and no multiple light set ups. In fact, the...
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Vintage Hollywood Glamour Photo Shoot

August 10, 2017
Recently I was blessed with the opportunity to photograph an absolute beauty who traveled to Las Vegas to celebrate her 59th birthday. Rose was super cool! She was comin...
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Best Maternity Photographer In Las Vegas

June 23, 2017
Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir selected as best maternity photographer in Las Vegas. Bragging is not something I like to do very much, but occasionally I just need to toot my...
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How To Make Faux Brick Wall - DIY Tutorial

May 28, 2017
Creating a realistic looking brick wall using faux brick paneling. Perfect for your home, apartment, or photography studio. Do you have a boring wall in you home or stud...
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Would I be able to purchase all of the unedited pictures

April 08, 2017
Would I be able to purchase all of the unedited pictures? This is a question that gets asked frequently from some customers when inquiring about a photo shoot. If you ta...
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Do I Need Premium Photo Editing

February 14, 2017
Is premium photo editing right for me? That is the question asked by many of my clients while they view their photos after a boudoir photo shoot. I try to remain neutral...
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How To Make Beautiful Milk Bath Boudoir Photos

February 11, 2017
7 tips for creating breathtaking images with a new trend in boudoir and maternity photography. One evening I was watching television when a commercial caught my attention...
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Get His Eyes Off Of Football And Back Onto You

November 20, 2016
Are you a football widow? Oh football. Although the season is halfway over, you seem to be on television all the time. For some of us, it is an opportunity to hang out wi...
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Celebrate Your Sexy

September 18, 2016
Enjoy the moment, you deserve it! I was recently contacted by Denisse who wanted to break up the monotony of her everyday life. She wanted to do something fun and exciti...
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How To Create A Boudoir Photography Set For Your Photo Studio

August 18, 2016
DIY Tutorial On How To Refurbish An Old Thrift Store End Table To An Amazing Piece Of Boudoir Studio Furniture On A Budget. Are you a new boudoir photographer looking fo...
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Back To School Special

August 05, 2016
The new school year is almost here. To welcome it, Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir is offering 20% off for all teachers and college students! Its almost that time of year... Th...
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What Lingerie Looks Best For A Boudoir Photo Shoot

July 08, 2016
We saved you the time and trouble of looking all over town and online for that perfect piece of lingerie. Here are 22 amazing lingerie outfits that will spectacular in a...
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We Value Your Feedback

June 23, 2016
Thank you for making Las Vegas Glamour the best boudoir photography studio in Las Vegas We could not have done it without you. With your suggestions and feedback we a...
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Editing Boudoir Photos - A Necessary Evil?

May 27, 2016
Using Photoshop on nude and boudoir photos - Is it necessary? Almost every photo you see nowadays will have some type of editing applied to it. No, seriously. You may or...
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9 Fabulous Tips For Amazing Maternity Photos

April 03, 2016
Your belly looks beautiful. Time for some maternity pictures, but before you strike your curvy pose in front of the camera, here are some tips to consider for your upcomi...
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