October's Thirty Dollar Decision - An Insightful Tarot Card Reading

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Please fasten your seat belts for this wild ride into the ancient art of tarot reading

Let me tell you, I am one of the biggest skeptics out there. I do not believe that because someone claims a story to be true makes it fact. I want to see it with my own eyes to prove its validity. I do not necessarily think that everyone is lying, but maybe stretching the truth a little.

My Thirty Dollar Decision for October was to get a tarot card reading. I do not believe in fortune tellers. I think they only tell you what you want to hear just to make you feel good. I have never had a tarot card or psychic reading before. I certainly believe that they are all B.S. So this was a perfect fit for my Thirty Dollar Decision.

Normally I try to do my Thirty Dollar Decision's earlier in the month. That way it gives me time to experience the event, write about it, and have it posted by the end of that particular month. But this time I specifically waited until the end of the month. A tarot card reading on October 31st, Halloween. Creepy.


Angel - My Tarot Card ReaderAngel - My Tarot Card ReaderTarot Card Reader


I called and made an appointment with Angel at the Psychic Eye here in Las Vegas. A friend of mine suggested them and said that they are the best in town. When I arrived at the store for my reading I was immediately greeted by a black cat. At first I thought it was a fake cat, but then it moved. Extra creepy. I was early for my reading so I took a look around the store. They have many types of candles, herbs, books, and many other items available for purchase. 

When it was time for my reading, I parted the beaded curtain and introduced myself to my reader, Angel. I did not give her any information about myself, my reason for coming, or that this was my first time. Angel asked me to have a seat and then asked for my birthday. She then handed me her deck of tarot cards. Angel mentioned that the deck of cards she uses is the Osho Zen Tarot. She said that they resonate deeply with her and that she has used them over 10 years exclusively for her readings. She asked me to close my eyes and hold them close to my heart, take some deep breaths, relax, and focus on being at one with myself.

Ok, I was already thinking this is bogus and we JUST STARTED. However, I tried my best to clear my mind from any negative thoughts and accept I that I came here to experience a tarot reading, real or not. Angel told me to shuffle the cards with my eyes closed and to allow myself to feel the energy within the cards. By this time I was beginning to get into it and I set aside my differences. Angel told me to cut the deck into 3 stacks of cards and then to select only one stack. After choosing the stack on the left, Angel picked them up and started my tarot reading. 

​Angel began to place the cards on the table in what is called a 10 card Celtic Cross spread. This is the most familiar and commonly used spread for most tarot readers. Angel says that is also the most revealing in her experience as a reader.  


10 Card Celtic Cross Tarot Layout"10 Card Celtic Cross Tarot Layout"The layout from my tarot reading


Here is a list of the cards and meanings from my Celtic Cross spread.

The 1st card, Guilt - the 8 of Clouds. I didn't like the way we were starting off. I was hoping for something a little more positive, but that was not the case. The first card represents the immediate circumstances faced by myself. The Guilt card represents a sense of regret over a past decision and consequence. 

The 2nd card, Projections - the 7 of Water. The second card represents the challenges or obstacles that I must overcome. The Projections card represents an unclear emotional connection with someone because of issues each person is projecting instead of the true self emerging from each person.

The 3rd card, The Rebel - IV. The third card represents foundation or the underlying principle.  The Rebel card represents someone filled with a sense of purpose and moving in a direction that takes him away from anything or anyone that would hinder or restrict him. This is someone possessing leadership, confidence, and drive as the foundation to build upon.

The 4th card, Awareness - VII. The fourth card represents the recent past and its effects on the current situation. The Awareness card represents the awareness that transcends the physical. A time of being in touch with your Buddha nature, eternal self, and spirituality. 

The 5th card, Ordinariness - the 8 of Rainbows. The fifth card represents what is above me / highest knowing. The Ordinariness card represents being humble, down to earth, and ordinary. Being at peace with with yourself and feeling connected to the earth. It is also a card of learning and expanding your horizons. 

The 6th card, Transformation - XIII. The sixth card represents what is ahead of me or in the near future. The Transformation card represents the caterpillar becoming the butterfly. Something dies so that something new may be born. Burning away the old to create the new. 

The 7th card, Politics - the 7 of Clouds. The seventh card represents myself and my internal views. The Politics card represents the need to put on a smiling face as a front , but not sincere or genuinely a part of what that represents. Deception, dishonesty coming from myself or needing to deal that coming from others. 

The 8th card, Fighting - the King of Clouds. The eighth card represents others and influences over myself. My external views. The Fighting card represents battles, fighting, arguing, and negative energy. 

The 9th card, Mind - the Page of Clouds. The ninth card represents hopes and fears. The Mind card represents a mind working against itself. Over analyzing, confusion, negative thinking, and frustration. 

The 10th card, Totality - the 5 of Fire. The tenth card represents the outcome. The Totality card represents the dependence on others that brings difficulty and risk to a situation that ends up being a temporary situation, but necessary stepping stone to something better.   

Wow, that was definitely a lot to take in. Surprisingly it was spot on. I am not sure if I am a believer YET, but its getting a lot closer than it was when I first walked in the door.

After the 10 card Celtic Cross. Angel asked me to repeat the process of shuffling the cards, closing my eyes, and holding them close to my heart. This time I got a chance to ask her a personal question. She spread the entire deck face down on the table and asked me to pick 5 cards with my eyes closed. I repeated the process two more time. The first row represents to do nothing, the second row represents not to do it, and the third row represents to do it and take a chance. Here is the layout from that. 


Tarot CardsTarot CardsMore cards from my reading


When that was done, I had the opportunity to ask a final question. I repeated the shuffling, eyes closed, picking cards, process again. This time I asked her a very general question. I did it intentionally to either 1 throw her off, or 2 make me a believer. I asked her, "is this real?" Here is the five card layout from that question. Once again her reading of the cards made perfect sense to my question. I am really am starting to believe this NOW.


Thirty Dollar Decision October Tarot ReadingThirty Dollar Decision October Tarot ReadingAnother tarot layout


 Finally, we wrapped up the session with me doing the shuffling, eyes closed process. Angel again spread the entire deck of cards across the table and asked me to pick only one card. This card represents my final message. With my eyes closed I picked one card near the beginning of the deck. The card was Experiencing - 3 of Fire. This card means that I have chosen a course of action and I am now experiencing the newness of this situation, learning as I go, appreciating and taking nothing for granted.


Experiencing Tarot Card 3 of WandsExperiencing Tarot Card 3 of WandsThe three of wands tarot card showing the experiencing card from the deck


After pulling that card I was shocked. The main reason I went to have this tarot reading done in the first place was to experience new things that I would never do for my Thirty Dollar Decision. I must say, this was definitely an experience and now I believe that this is REAL. 

If you live in, or are coming to Las Vegas I recommend getting a reading by Angel at the Psychic Eye Books. Definitely $30 well spent!



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