7 Simple Boudoir Photo Shoot Tips For Sexy Photos

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7 Boudoir Photography Tips To Make You Look Sexy In Your Photos

Boudoir photography has become very popular in Las Vegas. More and more women are wanting to experience the sexy side of photography. Gone are the days of taking the usual boring photos at dated department stores. Can you imagine going to the photo studio at Sears and telling Gertrude that you want to take some sexy photos of yourself? That poor woman may have a heart attack right there on the spot.

Hire a professional boudoir photographer, not GertrudeDont get a boudoir photo shoot from Gertrude

Don't do that to Gertrude. 


Here are 7 boudoir photography tips that will help you create some sexy and great looking photos.

boudoir photography tips for sexy photosCurvy Girl Model Posing With A Masquerade Mask Covering Her Bare Ass Wearing Black Lingerie


1. Lingerie

Having good quality and great looking lingerie for a boudoir shoot is paramount. Remember, you are paying money to be photographed in your underwear, so why would you want to wear something less than spectacular? 
Old lingerie thats been sitting in the bottom of your drawer and cheap looking lingerie are exactly that. Old and cheap.
Is that the look you going for in you photos? I didn't think so. Invest in some new lingerie that will make you look and feel sexy. You can find some great deals shopping online. I found many stores that sells amazing corsets, sexy lingerie, and shoes that would be perfect for a boudoir photo shoot. Best of all, their prices are amazingly low!
Sophisticated Boudoir Photography Las VegasSophisticated Boudoir Photography Las VegasSexy photo shoot ay Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir of a young woman wearing elegant black lingerie
2. Shoes
This is almost as important as lingerie, but another part of boudoir photography that is often overlooked are the shoes. So you went out and purchased some new outfits for your shoot, great, but those old scuffed shoes that you wear to work everyday will definitely not go well with your new lingerie. 
Here is a tip, most stores will allow you to return shoes within a certain time frame as long as the shoes are not damaged or dirty. So purchase a few pairs and then return them after your boudoir shoot. Now you can wear brand new shoes in you photos and they didn't cost you a thing!
Curvy Booty BoudoirCurvy Booty BoudoirClassy boudoir photography in Las Vegas
3. Hair, Makeup, and Nails
When flipping through the pages of Vogue or any other fashion magazine you will notice that the models look amazing. Their and makeup are perfect.That's because behind the scenes they are getting made over by professional make up artists and hair stylists.
I recommend to any woman interested in doing a glamour or boudoir shoot to get their hair and makeup done by a pro. Most photographers work closely with make up artists and hair stylists, so locating one should not be a problem. Also, spend a few bucks on a manicure. Chewed up fingernails and peeling nail polish will show in your photos and trust me, it does not look good. Remember, you are investing in a photo shoot to create some beautiful photos. Don't skimp on something small.
Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Before And After PhotoSmokey Eye Makeup Tutorial Before And After PhotoHow to apply smokey eye makeup look for glamour and boudoir photography
4. Themes
A good theme will definitely make your boudoir shoot a lot more fun and exciting. Themes can be created around the style of lingerie you have, a prop, or a character you want to act out as. Be a naughty school girl, a sexy cowgirl, an innocent princess wrapped in lace, or a bad ass latex wearing dominatrix. Themes are excellent ways to tell a story with photos and help you come out of your shell.
blonde woman in a black leather jacket smoking a cigaretteSexy Glamour PhotoSexy glamour photo of a woman wearing a black leather jacket while smoking a cigarette
5. Props and Accessories 
Boudoir photography is best when the look is complete. Just because you are going to be posing half dressed in front of a camera doesn't mean the rest of your body should be naked. Ear rings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, scarves, gloves, and hats can help complete you look. So don't forget to bring them!
If you are doing a themed shoot, think of what props will complete the look. Wearing a cowboy doesn't make you look like sexy cowgirl, but adding a rope, a vest, or even a six-shooter definitely will.
Sexy Boudoir PhotographySexy Boudoir PhotographyYoung woman wearing a matching bra and panties set from Victorias Secret in a sexy pose during a boudoir photo shoot
6. Posing
So you have boudoir shoot coming up in a few days and you want to practice some glamour poses. You search for sexy poses in magazines or online but when you practice them in the mirror they don't look the same.
What to do? Should you begin to panic and pull out your hair. Will you lose sleep at night and wonder if you should go through with your shoot. My suggestion, just relax. It's not your job to know how to pose.
Posing is an important part of photography and a skilled photographer will know how to move and shape your body to make you look amazing. The photographer may put you into a pose that feels a bit awkward and uncomfortable, but you best believe it will look great.
Beautiful Full Figure Woman Wearing LingerieBeautiful Full Figure Woman Wearing LingerieSexy full figure woman poses on a bed while wearing black lingerie during a boudoir photo shoot in Las Vegas
7. Looking Sexy?
Leave all of your worries at the door. Sure, this may be your first boudoir photo shoot and being a little nervous is expected. Just remember that whatever you are thinking about will show on you face. 
Don't believe me? Grab your iPhone and go try it.
Stand in front of a mirror and think about something that makes you angry. Like being stuck in traffic or behind some really slow driver. It can be anything that makes you upset. Think about it for a little and snap a photo of yourself. Not very pretty.
Now, close your eyes and think about how amazing you will look having your hair and make up done, wearing your new sexy lingerie, looking like a supermodel, while gazing into my camera with the "you wish you could look as hot as me" look. Now open your eyes and snap THAT picture. 
Told you so. 
boudoir photosGlamour Boudoir PhotographyBlack and white boudoir photo of a beautiful young woman
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Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir Photography
Thank you for finding my boudoir photo shoot tips helpful. When I first started shooting boudoir photography I wanted to make sure I was prepared and didn't forget to tell clients what to bring. I found these 7 boudoir photo shoot tips most beneficial to myself, a first time boudoir client, and even new boudoir photographers.
I am glad that I found this info. I have a boudoir photoshoot in a few days and I didnt know what to bring. Thanks for the boudoir tips. I would have forgot my earings 4 sure. Im also going to get some new lingerie and shoes too.
Great information. I am a fellow boudoir photographer and these tips are perfect to help my clients prepare for a boudoir photo shoot.
thanks for the great tips!
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