Coach Legacy Fur Tanner Tote - June's Thirty Dollar Decision

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A Soft And Beautiful Fox Fur Purse By Coach

I started doing my thirty dollar decision last month in May as an opportunity to experience and try out new things that I would normally never do. I will spend $30 each month on something I have never done before. I believe by making these thirty dollar decisions each month I will have more fun, become a better person, and simply do new things. 

I broke the rules my June thirty dollar decision. This decision was actually done in May, but unfortunately I just got around to taking the pictures for it today. I also spent more than the $30 limit I give myself  every month, but that is ok because this was well worth it.

Earlier in May I was shopping at the Saks 5th Avenue located in the Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas for a Mothers Day gift for my wife. It was a last minute thing and I did not have much time to shop so I went the easy route and purchased a Narciso Rodriguez for her eau de parfum gift set. This perfume smells amazing and I highly recommend it to every woman. While the sales person was wrapping my gift, I could not help but notice this beautiful fur purse sitting on a nearby clearance table.

Coach Legacy Fur Tanner ToteLimited Edition Coach Legacy Fur Tanner Tote

The table was marked 50% off, so I thought to myself, sweet I'm going to get this purse cheap. Upon further inspection the fur purse turned out to be a Legacy Fur Tanner Tote made by Coach. This purse was nothing like any other purse I have seen before. The front of it is covered in luxurious fox fur. It was so unbelievably soft. I glanced at the price tag and its original price was $4000. Yikes, even with 50% off $2000 if a lot more than I was expecting to pay. I thought I would wait a few weeks and go back to see if they marked it down some more.

Back of the Coach Legacy Tanner ToteLeather Side Of The Coach Legacy Fur Tanner Tote

When I got home later that day I tried to locate this fur Coach purse online to get some more information about it. Much to my surprise there was hardly any info or even any photos of it. I looked on the Coach website, and nothing. So, I contacted Coach by email and inquired about this fur purse. They responded within minutes and stated that it is a very limited edition Coach Legacy Fur Tanner NS Tote, no. 21169 and is no longer viewable on their site because they no longer carry it. I really appreciated their great customer service, knowledge, and fast reply.

Well, last week I went back to Saks 5th Avenue and I was shocked to see that the purse was still there. Unfortunately, it was still at it's $2000 price tag. However, this time it did not matter how much the cost, I had to get it. The sales person at Saks was very nice and wrapped it perfectly for me.

Limited edition Coach fox fur purseRare Legacy Fox Fur Tanner Tote Made By Coach

Once I arrived home later that evening I gave my wife the wrapped box. She asked what the reason for the gift was and I replied that is because I appreciate you and everything that you do for me. She opened her gift and was excited and in shock at the same time. My wife absolutely loved her new Coach purse.

Fox fur Legacy Coach PurseLuxury Fox Fur Purse By Coach

I made this my thirty dollar decision because I would NEVER spend two thousand dollars on a "just because" gift, however, this time I DID. Words can not express how overjoyed I felt making this thirty dollar decision as a gift for an amazing person!       




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