Curvy Glamour and Boudoir Photography

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A Fun Curvy Glamour & Boudoir Photo Shoot Featuring The Beautiful Tiffany

I recently did a photo shoot with the fun and beautiful Tiffany. She is the complete package. Tiffany is an actress, a singer, a makeup artist, and a plus-size model. I really dislike the term plus-size, I prefer to say "curvy" model.

Tiffany contacted me for a curvy boudoir and glamour photo shoot, and I was more than happy to take some beautiful portraits of her. As I said before, Tiffany is a makeup artist, so when she arrived at my studio she posed for her before picture and began doing her make up. She did an amazing job on it. Her makeup looks very fresh and elegant. 

Before and after curvy glamour photoCurvy Boudoir Photography Before And After

During our 90 minute photo shoot I put Tiffany through quite a workout. I placed her in some not so comfortable poses. I said you are going to be feeling this later, and by the end of the shoot she clearly was. Tiffany also shared that she is going to be traveling to New York soon to possibly be booked with an agency there to be one of their plus-size models. I was very excited for her and wished her the best. 

Curvy glamour model posesCurvy Glamour Photography NY Giants Jersey Curvy glamour photography las vegasClose-up Curvy Girl Glamour Portrait














Normally, I usually write the entire blog post describing how our photo shoot went, but Tiffany was kind enough to email me and describe how much she enjoyed her glamour and boudoir photo shoot, so I thought I would post it here instead. 

Curvy boudoir photographyCurvy Boudoir Photo of A Woman Posing On A Bed

"Working with Bryan was such a treat. Learning new poses and expressions are key for every new model to stay fun and fresh. Bryan definitely taught me these things. It's always a good photo shoot when you have the opportunity to take something new away from it."

Plus-size boudoir photo of a beautiful curvy woman laying on a bedPlus-Size Boudoir Photography Of A Curvy Female Posing On A Bed

"Bryan is such a talent and joy to be around. There was never a time in our session where I felt uncomfortable or where we weren't laughing at jokes or about my "wing". He is a must to work with for any model or woman that is wanting professional pictures. I love the images we created together and I will be recommending him to anyone looking for new and amazing pictures. I hope I get the chance to work with him in the future and look forward to seeing more of his new work."

Beautiful curvy woman posing during a las vegas glamour photo shootGlamour Photography Of A Young Curvy Woman

Thank you for the kind words Tiffany. The "wing" she is referring to are her elbows. During our photo shoot, I would remind her to push her elbows back during many of the poses and let her know that when she doesn't, her arm looks like a wing. We had a good laugh about that.

You can follow Tiffany and her modeling career at her Facebook page and I wish you the best of luck being represented for the agency in New York as plus-size model. 




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