July's Thirty Dollar Decision - $30 Crap Shoot At The D Las Vegas

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High Rolling On The Craps Table At The D Hotel & Casino In Downtown Las Vegas

Well, not really high rolling, but definitely more than I would never do. I wanted to start the month of July off with a bang, so what better of a way to do it than playing craps at the D Casino, formerly Fitzgeralds. This month my Thirty Dollar Decision was to gamble $30 on one hand of something at a casino. Sure, I have played more than $30 in the casinos before, but I have never played all $30 on just one hand. As you could probably guess I am not much of a gambler.  Either win or lose, double or nothing, I was going to experience the thrill of victory or the unsettling agony of losing $30 in a matter of seconds.

The D Casino Las Vegas - Home of JulyThe D Hotel and Casino - Downtown Las Vegas

I had many gaming options to chose from. Blackjack, roulette, keno, etc. However, I decided to go with my favorite table game in the casinos, craps. Craps is a game that is actually quite easy to learn and play. Unfortunately, many people seem to shy away from playing it because they are intimidated by the large table, multiple betting areas, and non-stop action. 

When I arrived at the D Casino, I went directly to the cashiers cage to exchange my thirty dollars for a $5 and a $25 dollar chip. I then photographed them in a secluded area. Although pretty much every cellphone has a camera on it, casinos still do not like you taking photos in their gaming area because of security reasons and possible cheating. Soo there would be now way I could photograph my bet in action on the live craps table.

$5 & $25 chips from the D Las Vegas CasinoFive & Twenty-Five Dollar Chip From the D Casino Las vegas

When I got to the craps table there was already a game going on. I waited a few minutes for the new come-out roll. I love to throw the dice, but unfortunately it was not my turn. The shooter was a woman who had purple finger nails. She looked like she could be lucky, so I was all in. I placed my $30 on the pass line and waited for the woman to throw the dice. Her come-out roll was a 10. Ten is not a losing number, but definitely one of the hardest number to roll now to win. I immediately felt defeated. I thought that I might as well kiss that $30 goodbye. The woman continued to shoot the dice and by her third roll I began to gain some confidence that I just might win. But as irony would have it, on her very next roll, she rolls a 7. "Seven out, take the line, pay the don'ts", the stickman says to the dealers. I LOST!!!

While the craps dealers were picking up the losing bets and paying the winners, I stood there for a second and thought to myself that this was a horrible thirty dollar decision. But wait, something was not right. The dealer never picked up my losing bet. My $30 was still sitting right there on the pass line exactly where I placed it. I waited a few more seconds to see if he was going to pick it up. I don't know why but I stood very still almost like I was invisible hoping that he would not notice. 

The dealer never picked up my losing bet. I was ecstatic! I'M STILL IN IT. The dice were passed to the next shooter. He rolled a 4. Once again, not a losing number but still a horrible number to roll again to win. My emotional roller coaster was now hitting rock bottom. I thought to myself I am going to lose this twice. Surprisingly, before all of  those negative thoughts could fill my head, the man rolled a hard 4. I WON!!!

Once again I stood there for a second just to take it all in. The dealer came out with two red $5 chips to pay me but was not aware there was a green $25 one underneath the red. When he tapped the payoff chips against my bet he realized his mistake and corrected it by paying me $30 instead of $10. He must have been a new dealer.

Winnings from JulyMy Winnings From the D Las Vegas Thirty Dollar Decision

So now I can say that I bet $30 on a roll of the dice. Something I would have never done before. It was a fun, exciting, bad, horrible, great, awful, and amazing time that I had during those 90 seconds. 

Thanks for reading my Thirty Dollar Decision for July. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did doing it!






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