7 Reasons Why You Should Experience An Amazing Glamour Boudoir Photo Shoot

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Ever thought about having a glamour or a boudoir photo shoot?

Well what's stopping you?

Here are 7 reasons on why you should experience a glamour or boudoir photo shoot with Bryan Kurz Photography.


1- The Experience

When was the last time you had your make up done professionally to look like a super model? Probably never. And when was the last time you put on an exquisite outfit that you look absolutely breathtaking in it? Im guessing it was at last years holiday party before you spilled wine or dropped food all over it.


With a glamour photo shoot, you will look and feel like a super model fresh off the cover of Vogue. Come get photographed in that sexy dress you have always wanted to wear, or go out on a shopping spree and buy some new outfits. Either way, it will be fun and exciting and you will look beautiful.

Las Vegas glamour photography before and after photoCurvy Glamour Photography Before and After

2- It's All About You 

My job as a photographer is to make you look amazing. I will give you all the attention you deserve to make that happen. Prior to our boudoir of glamour shoot I will ask what you love about yourself (or what your special someone loves) and what area of your body that you think could use some help. I will pose you to specifically bring out your best features and hide those not-so favorite ones.

Curvy boudoir photography model posing in bra and pantiesBra, Panties, And Tie - Sexy Boudoir Photo Shoot Contest Winner

3- It's Relaxing

Enjoy a few relaxing hours away from your busy day by being pampered in our make up chair and then have some lovely photos taken of you inside of our beautiful studio. Once your photo shoot is done you can resume your daily activities, go to work,  or return home to the pleasant sounds of your kids yelling, arguing, or asking your for something over and over and over. It's ok, I understand, you can stay a little longer if you need to.

Glamour photography makeupGlamour Shot Photo Shoot Makeover


4- It's A Workout

Do you think you are just going to sit on a modeling stool for a few minutes while I take your portrait? WRONG! I am going to pose you in many awkward and uncomfortable positions to make you look your best. Yes, they do feel funny but trust me they look awesome! As I say, if it feels normal than you are not doing it right.

Glamour Photographer Las VegasLas Vegas Glamour Photography


5- This Is A Luxury Product

I am a glamour and boudoir photographer and you investing in a luxury product that includes an amazing experience. It is not like ordering the #3 combo off of the value menu, but more like a romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant that you need to book a month in advance for. 

Yes I know, everyone has a camera nowadays so that makes them a "photographer", right? WRONG! 

Walmart and Saks Fifth Avenue are both "stores" that sell apparel, shoes, handbags, and make up. So does that make them the same thing? One store provides a great customer experience and sells quality products, the other has 20 registers but only two cashiers, doesn't care how trashy their store looks, and is more concerned about cheap prices instead of quality products. You get what you pay for.


6- I Specialize In Glamour And Boudoir Photography

This is what I do. This is what I know. I am a glamour and boudoir photographer. I know how to make women look beautiful and sexy in photos. I do not photograph weddings, bar mitzvahs, quinceaneras, pets, children, or photos of my lunch to post on Facebook. The only baby I will photograph is my daughter, and she cries every time.

This is why I am a boudoir photographerBoudoir Photography not Baby Photography

7- Because You're Worth It

This was L'Oreal cosmetics advertising slogan a few years back and it is so awesome because it's true. You are worth it, so treat yourself. A glamour and boudoir photo shoot is an exciting experience. It is something that you will always remember. Somewhat like your first love, but unlike him, you will keep your photos forever!


If you are ready to experience a glamour or boudoir photo shoot of your own, Contact Bryan Kurz Photography.

Here are 7 simple boudoir photography tips that will help prepare you for your photo shoot.




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