Fitness Model Glamour And Boudoir Photo Shoot

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This fitness model gives some great tips on how she stays in shape. And also takes some beautiful photos!!

I was recently contacted by the beautiful Kochana to do a glamour and boudoir photo shoot for her. She said that she has done some modeling in the past and is currently training for fitness competitions and fitness modeling. Before we started the photo shoot Kochana mentioned her age. I will not mention it here, but I was in disbelief because Kochana looks so amazingly young. After our shoot I asked Kochana some fun and informative questions about being a fitness model.

Fitness model wearing a purple dress leaning on a white sofa in a glamour poseGlamour Photography Las Vegas

Q: How long have you been interested in the fitness industry? 

A: I have been interested in the fitness industry since I was an adolescent. I have always been conscious of the foods that I eat and working out. As I have become older, I have gained more of an appreciation for the health and fitness industry. This is why I want to be more involved in it.


Q: Do you plan on competing in fitness competitions?

A: I do plan on competing in fitness competitions. I am currently training for my first competition. The competition is called the NPC Las Vegas Classics. 


Q: What do you do to maintain your amazing figure?

A: I work out six to seven days a week. I meet with my personal trainer three times a week. The days that I do not meet with my trainer, I am training on my own. I do one hour of weights and forty five minutes of cardio. I also have a nutrition plan that I abide by every day of the week. 

Glamour photography pose of a fitness model wearing a red dressLas Vegas Glamour Photographer

Q: What is your favorite cheat food? Why?

A: My favorite cheat food is strawberry short cake because it amazing when you do not intake sugar. I’m not allowed to have cheats meals now.


Q: What is your secret to looking so young?

A: I give thanks to my parents for giving me good genetics and I believe that the way that I eat and workout helps me age gracefully. I do not smoke and now I do not drink due to the training. I take really good care of my skin. 

Boudoir photography pose of a fitness model in her underwear laying on a bedBoudoir Las Vegas Photography

Q: What made you want to do a glamour/boudoir photo shoot?

A: I decided to do a glamour/boudoir shoot because I have always enjoyed how beautiful these types of photographs look. I also felt ready to be back in front of a camera and I wanted my first set of photographs to be what I considered beautiful. 


Q: Why would you recommend a boudoir shoot to someone who never had one before?

A: I would recommend a boudoir shoot to someone that has never done one before because I believe that all women should experience feeling sexy and confident.


Q: What is your favorite part of your body? Why?

A: My favorite part of my body is my eyes. There is something about looking into my own eyes that intrigues me. I believe the eyes are the window to the soul and there can be so much expression in the eyes.

Lingerie photo of a fitness model posing on a bedBoudoir Photo Shoot Of A Fitness Model

Q: Were you always this gorgeous or were you really dorky looking in high school?

A: I have definitely grown into my looks. I really didn’t know that people considered me gorgeous in high school. I found what people thought about my “beauty” after I graduated high school. 


Q: What does beauty mean to you?

A: Beauty to me is a when a person, female or male, exudes confidence in themselves. When a person is secure with whom they are and have an appreciation for what they have been blessed with. Beauty on the outside is only part of the equation. Having a great personality and being humble goes with how beautiful a person can be. 

sexy boudoir photography poses of a fitness model sitting on a bedSexy Boudoir Photography Pose

Q: Give me 3 words that describe you in relation to beauty.

A: Three words that describe me in relation to beauty: Humble, kind and confident.


Q: If you could have any super power what would it be and why?

A: If I could have a super power, I would want to be able to fly. There is something about being in the sky, overlooking the scenery and being able to look at the world in a different perspective that I really appreciate. I would use it as my get away to just breathe and relax.

Sexy boudoir photo of a fitness model posing on a bedLingerie Photographer Las Vegas


Kochana was also kind enough to write these kind words about her photo shoot experience:

"My shoot date was August 15, 2013. I have not done a photo-shoot in four years so I was kind of nervous and excited at the same time. Bryan made the experience very comfortable from the beginning when we first introduced ourselves all the way to the end when the photo-shoot was over. Throughout the photo-shoot, Bryan gave great direction on how to pose which was very helpful. Bryan was very professional, respectful and always made sure that I was alright throughout the entire experience. I enjoyed working with Bryan and would definitely contact him to do another photo-shoot in the future." 

Thank you. I had a great time photographing Kochana and learned a lot about her. I wish her much luck with the upcoming fitness competition and look forward to us working together again.





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