Behind The Scenes Video Of A Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot

January 19, 2014  •  2 Comments

Ever wonder what it's like to experience a boudoir photo shoot?

​Well here is your chance.

Here is a behind the scenes video from a recent bridal boudoir photography shoot. 

The video starts out with the beautiful bride-to-be, Karina Peralta, getting her hair prepared by the very talented hair stylist, Larry Thielen Jr. He places a few clip-in hair extensions into Karina's hair and begins to curl and shape it. Next, Karina moves on to get her makeup done by the fabulous, Sonja Soun. Sonja applies her airbrush makeup, eye shadow, and lashes with perfection. Once the makeup is complete,  Karina is back in the chair to have Larry place the finishing touches on her gorgeous hair. Now you can really start to see the transformation taking place. Larry removes a few hair pins and sprays Karina's hair. Everything is looking great!

Now, it's photo shoot time.

First, we started the bridal boudoir shoot in what I like to call "the white room". This room is all white and has only one window in it. The white room allows the sunlight shining through the window to bounce all around the room, creating a giant soft-box. I also placed a large white reflector close to Karina to bounce more light onto her face and body. The light in this room is flattering on all women and definitely make Karina look amazing!

Next, we moved to a different area of the studio. Karina was wearing the same white bra and panty set, along with the bridal veil that she was had on in the white room. I wanted to capture some images of her looking into a mirror. That way I can create some portraits of her beautifully made up face and hair, as well as capture the detail from the back of her bridal veil.

I really love the contrast from the black, white, and gray of this set. It makes Karina and the bridal bouquet that she is holding really stand out. 

After the mirror, we did another look. This time it was against a white couch. Karina changed into a white body shaper and panty for this look. I placed her in a few glamour type poses while she was sitting. I then had Karina lay down on the couch and posed her into a few sexy bridal boudoir poses.

Finally, we moved to the last look, the bedroom. Karina changed outfits again. In addition the her bridal veil, she wore a  all white bra and lace panty set with white lace-top stockings. Again, I placed her into more fun and flirty glamour and boudoir poses. Karina has a very beautiful smile and her laughter was quite infectious. By the end of the shoot I found myself laughing almost as much as she was. 

Your soon to be husband will certainly love this wonderful gift you are giving him. Congratulations again on the wedding!

I hope you enjoyed this behind the scenes look from a very fun and sexy bridal boudoir photo shoot.





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Thank you very much Lynn. I appreciate the compliment. I am glad to give you a look of what happens behind my camera at a bridal boudoir photo shoot. I really enjoyed creating that video and I look forward to making more behind the scenes videos soon.
WOW. She looks so different. You do great work. Cool to see what goes on behind the scenes at a photo session.
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