Bridal Boudoir Photography - The Sexy New Trend

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Las Vegas Bridal Boudoir


In Las Vegas, “The marriage capital of the world”, many brides-to-be are in search of an experience that most wedding photographers simply do not offer. Bridal boudoir photography has become so popular in the last few years that many brides are saying, “I do” to a sexy boudoir photo shoot prior to their wedding.

Being a photographer in Las Vegas, I get asked these questions frequently from brides interested in doing a photo shoot.


bridal boudoir las vegasbridal boudoir las vegasBeautiful young bride wearing a veil in a bridal boudoir photo shoot


What Exactly Is A Boudoir Photo Shoot?

A boudoir photo shoot captures the pure beauty and elegance of a woman that is either partially clothed, in lingerie, or wearing nothing at all.


So, Will I Be Wearing My Wedding Dress In The Pictures?

No. The photos of you posing in your wedding dress will be done on your wedding day. The images I create are much more sensual. You will mostly be wearing lingerie or a lot less. It’s your decision on how revealing or not you want to be in your photos.


las vegas bridal boudoir photographylas vegas bridal boudoir photography


What Type Of Lingerie Looks Best For Bridal Boudoir?

You will want to wear white lingerie. Off-white is acceptable and so is white with colored trim. A matching white bra and panty set also look great. Another sexy style is a white garter belt with stockings.

Definitely do not wear any bright colors or animal prints. Save that lingerie for your honeymoon.


bridal boudoir photography las vegasbridal boudoir photography las vegasBridal boudoir photograph of a bride to be looking into a mirror fixing her hair.


What Else Should I Bring To My Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot?

White shoes are always plus. Don’t forget to bring ear rings, bracelets, and necklaces. Diamonds and pearls look great. Most important, make sure you bring your engagement ring and veil. 


sexy wedding photographysexy wedding photographySexy lingerie bridal boudoir photo of a young woman pulling up her white stockings


Should I Do My Own Hair And Makeup?

You certainly can. However, I recommend using a professional makeup artist or hair stylist. This experience will be one of the most memorable days in your life. You will be glad that you did.


Las Vegas Bridal Boudoir PhotographerLas Vegas Bridal Boudoir PhotographerBefore and after photo of a young beautiful woman from a bridal boudoir photo shoot in Las Vegas


Can I Bring My Girlfriends Or Bridesmaids To My Boudoir Shoot?

Definitely. And If you book a shoot with 4 total or more, I will give a 15% discount. 


I Have Never Done Anything Like This Before, Will You Help?

No problem. I am here to make you look beautiful. I will help guide you through every step and place you in flattering poses that will make you look amazing. 


las vegas bridal boudoir photographerlas vegas bridal boudoir photographerBeautiful bridal boudoir portrait of a young bride looking at her bouquet of flowers


But I Am No Supermodel, I Look Like The Your Typical Girl Next Door.

You do not have to look like a super model to do a bridal boudoir photo shoot. I specialize in making women look beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you are slim or curvy, tall or short, I will make that shy girl next door look like a sultry diva. 


bridal boudoir photographybridal boudoir photographySexy young woman wearing a bridal veil and white lingerie laying on a sofa


What Kind Of Products Can I Purchase?

My most popular product for my bridal boudoir clients by far would be the beautiful hand-made 11x14 folio boxes. These folio boxes contain up to twenty of your favorite portraits mounted inside a high quality mat.

Ten image folio boxes start at $450.


Handmade Folio-boxHandmade Folio-boxBeautiful hand made folio box that holds your matted boudoir photos High quality matted boudoir portraitsHigh quality matted boudoir portraitsA portrait prig from a glamour or boudoir photo shoot inside a high quality matted frame

















But I Seen Other Photographers On Craigslist Charge $100 For A CD With 100 Images.

I know. I have seen them too. There is a reason why you are reading this now and have not contacted them to do your shoot. I specialize in glamour and boudoir photography. Period.

I am also a licensed business with the state of Nevada and I have a college degree in commercial photography.

Price is only an issue in the absence of value. What exactly is the value in 100 images on a CD when all of them look bad?


bridal boudoir photographerbridal boudoir photographerBeautiful young bride wearing lingerie and a veil posing for a bridal boudoir photo shoot


Can I just Get A CD Or Digital Images Of My Photos?

I appreciate that you are concerned about digital images, and YES, you can receive the digital images of your photos. This allows you unlimited printing (up to 8x12), the ability to view the glamour or boudoir images on your cell phone or tablet device, and to share on social media.

I do also offer beautiful and high quality mounted prints, wall art and gorgeous handcrafted folio boxes.


Complete Folio Box With CD And Matted PortraitsComplete Folio Box With CD And Matted PortraitsCD and high quality matted portraits inside a beautiful hand made folio box. Perfect for your boudoir photo shoot.


Alright, I Want To Do A Bridal Boudoir Photo Shoot With You. What Do I Do Next?

Complete the contact form here with your information. It is recommended to schedule your shoot at least two weeks in advance. A $150 retainer in required to hold your scheduled date and time. 


las vegas bridal boudoirlas vegas bridal boudoirblack and white portrait of a young woman wearing a white bra and panties and a wedding veil sitting on a bed in a bridal boudoir pose


I Gave My Husband The Bridal Boudoir Folio Box As A Wedding Gift. He Absolutely Loves It And Says I Look Hot!

Thank you. Glad I could help.   




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