An Experience Like No Other

February 23, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Modern Women's Portraiture 

My Valentine's day was perfect this year. I received a gift that is truly priceless. I woke up to an email from Creative Live stating that I was selected to be a part of the live audience for their upcoming class titled, "Modern Women's Portraiture". 


glamour photo of a beautiful young woman wearing black lingerie


If you are not familiar with Creative Live, they host informative workshops that are streamed live online for free or available for purchase at a later time if you miss the live show. Creative Live features many different types of workshops including many that feature glamour and boudoir photography.

The Modern Women's Portraiture workshop that I will be attending is in Las Vegas, March 3-5. This three day instructional class will feature four of the best photographers in the glamour and fashion fields. There were only ten spots available to attend this workshop, and to get selected you had to complete an essay stating why you should be picked. I wrote about my fear of quitting my secure, full-time day job and jumping in headfirst, either sink or swim, into my passion of doing glamour and boudoir photography as a full time career. I am afraid of failing, so thats why I still hold on to what is comfortable, but there is no way to know how great I can become unless I ACTUALLY DO IT! I believe that this opportunity will give me the confidence that I need to move forward and make my dream become a reality.

The four women teaching this workshop, Sue Bryce, Lou Freeman, Laura Jade, and Emily Soto are all amazing. Each of them specialize in making women look beautiful, but in different ways. I will learn so much from each of them. Each instructor specializes in the fields of contemporary glamour, boudoir, fashion photography, or a combination of all three. This is going to be so awesome!

During our mentoring session, Sue Bryce will help push us audience members into defining our true purpose and set an actionable roadmap to make it become a reality.  I truly can't wait to make this happen.

Here is the promo video featuring the workshop that I will be a part of. Tune in to Creative Live, March 3-5 and you will see me in the class.






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