Every Woman Should Have At Least One Beautiful Photo Of Herself

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Mothers day is approaching soon!

Sunday, May 11th 2014 is the day this year when we pay tribute and honor our mothers and the influence of all mothers in society. Many of us will give our mother or the mother of our children a card, flowers, candy, a fancy dinner, perfume, or if you are really distant, a phone call. It's the thought that counts, right? 

Although this post is about all of the amazing mothers, I want to talk about my father. I lost my dad to cancer three days before his 60th birthday back in 2010. Even though we were somewhat distant and didn't talk that much, I still found him to be a great guy. He was a rare of his cancer and mentioned that when it was his time to go he didn't want a fancy funeral, he just wanted to be cremated. I never dealt with anything like this before. When he passed I contacted the crematorium to follow out his wishes. They asked me to write a short obituary and to give them a recent photo of him so they can post it on their website. 

Writing the obituary was fairly easy, however I found to be difficult was providing the crematorium a good photo of my recently deceased father. He really wasn't much the type to be in front of a camera a lot. The only photos that I had of him were from way back when I was a kid. I searched his computer and found one that was about ten years old and looked decent at best.

It really sucked that the last memory of my father would be an old crappy snapshot.

mothers day glamour photo shootmothers day glamour photo shootevery woman should have at leas one beautiful photo of themselves

But as I was saying.... Every woman should have at least one beautiful photo of herself. A great looking portrait of that special person in your life may not seem like a big deal to them, but it will definitely be priceless to you, and something that you can hold on to and remember forever. 

Glamour Portrait Of A Young Beautiful WomanGlamour Portrait Of A Young Beautiful WomanGlamour photography of a beautiful young woman wearing an orange dress

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