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A bingo agent experiences a sexy boudoir photo shoot

I recently did a boudoir photo shoot with a beautiful young woman named, Kiki. She is a student at the College of Southern Nevada, in pursuit of a Business Management degree.


I had a great time chatting with Kiki during our shoot. She was full of energy and so much fun! 


After our photo shoot, I asked Kiki if she would like to do a Q&A session to share her story, experience, and photos on my blog. She loved the idea and agreed to do it.


Las Vegas Boudoir PhotographyLas Vegas Boudoir PhotographyBeautiful young woman wearing a bra and panties laying on a bed in a sexy boudoir photography pose


Q: What kind of activities do you like to do to stay in shape? 

A: I am a fitness fanatic and enjoy lifting weights and HIIT cardio. I'm also really into clean eating.


Q: What type of work do you do?

A: I just accepted a new position at Zappos! I'll be working in their call center. I'm also a bingo agent part time.


Q: What made you want to do a boudoir photo shoot?

A: I just turned 29 years old and I really want to escape my sweet girl image. 


las vegas boudoirlas vegas boudoirBeautiful young woman wearing a bra and panties laying on a bed during a boudoir photo shoot in Las Vegas>


Q: How was your boudoir experience? Were you feeling nervous or excited about doing it?

A: I felt a mixture of both. It's been awhile since I've been in front of a camera, but after that first click from the camera I became more relaxed. 


Las Vegas Lingerie PhotographerLas Vegas Lingerie PhotographerSexy lingerie photo shoot of a young woman wearing a bra and panties


Q: Are you giving the photos to someone as a gift, or is it something special that you want to keep for yourself?

A: I did share them with my boyfriend, but the shoot was something I did for myself. 


Q: How did you prepare for your boudoir photo shoot? practice in the mirror? 

A: Besides shopping, I did a little research on boudoir shoots. I tried practicing a little, but I knew once I got in front of the camera I wouldn't remember any of it. Then I just focused on my wardrobe. 


Boudoir Photography Las VegasBoudoir Photography Las Vegasboudoir photo of a young woman sitting on a white couch


Q: How did you decide on the outfits you wore?

A: I tried to stay away from the typical boudoir lingerie and focus on bringing out my personality. I just thought of what made me feel sexy. 


Vegas BoudoirVegas BoudoirBlack and white boudoir photo of a young woman relaxing on a bed


Q: Is a boudoir photo shoot something you think every woman should experience at least once? why?

A: Yes! I believe it helps build confidence. A boudoir shoot can reveal little things about yourself that you never knew existed.


las vegas boudoir photographylas vegas boudoir photographyblack and whit boudoir photography of a young woman posing on a bed


Q: Using 4 words, how would you describe yourself in relation to beauty?

A: Getting better with age. 


boudoir photosGlamour Boudoir PhotographyBlack and white boudoir photo of a beautiful young woman


Kiki also left this wonderful testimonial about her boudoir photography experience;


“My shoot with Bryan was more than I expected. From the beginning he was respectful and professional. He's extremely knowledgable about his passion. I found his guide to shooting a boudoir shoot very helpful since it was my first one. He gives direction well and it was easy to follow. He makes you feel comfortable and ensures your whole experience is enjoyable.”


Thank you Kiki for allowing me to share your story and photos, as well as the the kind words. It was an absolute joy photographing you.





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