Want To Know What Victoria’s Secret Is?

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Apparently they have great looking lingerie but failed to tell me

Many years ago, I used to love Victoria’s Secret lingerie. I even worked as a stocker in one of their stores during my late teens. Their bras, panties, and lingerie were cute. Nothing outrageous or trashy, just elegant and pretty. Victoria’s Secret was the first name that came to mind when I thought womens underwear. Mainly because at the time, they were the most popular of only a few lingerie of stores. 

Now, there are now many popular lingerie stores and most if not all sell their outfits online. Due to many options and choices available, Victoria’s Secret pretty much faded away as my go to lingerie store. 


boudoir photography bed posesLas Vegas Boudoir PhotographerYoung woman posing on a bed during a boudoir photo shoot at Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir


Every once and awhile I would walk into their retail store and search for the perfect outfit for a boudoir photo shoot, but would leave empty handed. The styles they had were not that impressive and were something that I have seen before. I gave up on them all together.


Sexy Boudoir PhotographySexy Boudoir PhotographyYoung woman wearing a matching bra and panties set from Victorias Secret in a sexy pose during a boudoir photo shoot


I was pleasantly surprised during a recent boudoir photo shoot that the lingerie being worn was from Victoria’s Secret. I honestly could not believe it. Yesterday I took a few minutes to check out their website and I LOVED IT. The photos of the models and outfits look amazing! The styles and variety of lingerie, bras, and panties are absolutely gorgeous. 


sexy lingerie photographylas-vegas-boudoirBoudoir photography of a woman sitting on a bed while wearing lingerie


Great job Victoria’s Secret! I did not think you could ever do it, but you have won me over as a fan of your lingerie again.





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