3 Things To Help You Prep For Your Boudoir Shoot

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Need some help preparing for your boudoir photo shoot? Here are 3 ways to help make your shoot amazing!


Preparing for your boudoir shoot will not only make you feel comfortable and confident, but also ensure that your photos turn out how you want them.  Boudoir is personal and should be done to bring out and show off your own unique style.  Here are three tips to help ensure you have everything ready to help create a perfect shoot.


Bring Props That Mean Something.  


Most good boudoir photographers will have a selection of props available, but you can really make your photos special by choosing something that is more meaningful to you.  


Think about props that represent your relationship. It could be something relating to how you met, or something you share in common.  If you have a favorite vacation spot, you could use something that represents that place like beach sandals, sunglasses, or souvenir items that feature the name of the beach.  Perhaps you both like listening to vinyl records – bring them!  Love a specific sport?  Grab a bat, ball, helmet or other gear related to the sport.


Sexy Bridal VeilSexy Bridal VeilSexy white lingerie with bridal veil


Add Accessories To Match Your Unique Style.


The right accessories can make your boudoir photos more personal.  If you’re doing a boudoir shoot for an engagement or as a wedding gift, consider wearing a bridal veil combined with a sports jersey from your guys favorite team.   


Black Veiled BeautyBlack Veiled BeautyBeautiful goth bride to be wearing a sexy black wedding dress and black veil


If you like time periods, why not go Victorian with Steampunk styles or even take the bridal veil and use a vintage style from the 40’s or change the color to black.  You can find a ton of options by clicking here.


Princess TiaraPrincess TiaraSexy model wearing a tiara hair comb on her head


If you like to joke about being a princess, a tiara or sexy Cinderella could add a little whimsy to your photos. 


Sexy CinderellaSexy CinderellaSexy Cinderella Plus-Size Lingerie


Add something unique that shows off who you are in your shoot.  What makes you the person your partner loves?  Think about that and then tie it in with your outfit or accessories.  


Choose Lingerie. 


The prime item that will ensure your boudoir photos are stunning is lingerie that fits well while making you feel sexy and confident.  Choose something that enhances all of your best assets to make you feel comfortable so you are ready to shine for the camera.


Sexy Plus-Size LingerieSexy Plus-Size LingerieA beautiful model posing in sext lingerie from Hips & Curves


The following infographic is the perfect way to help you pick the piece or pieces that are right for you.


Curvy Girls Guide To Lingerie


Having the ultimate boudoir shot is easy.  Think about what makes you the person you are and then bring those things in as props and accessories.  Next, find the lingerie that works with your props and helps show off your favorite features.  Now all you have to do is pose and let your photographer do their magic.  



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