So Many New Things Going On At Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir

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Out with the old and in with the new.


If you hate something, change it. 

I have always been told never to say hate. It is such a strong and extremely negative word. Maybe I should use words or phrases such as dislike, not fond of, or no longer enjoy LOL. Those sound really nice.


One thing is for sure, I hated a lot about this website. I have asked many people over the years to give me their feedback about it. Some have made suggestions and I made improvements based what they thought would make it better. But there was always something that never seemed right with me. This website is about empowering women and making them look beautiful, yet it felt cold and uninviting, almost like a doctors office. Who likes that?


old faq pageold faq pagePrevious boring black background FAQ page


So I changed it. I got rid of the cold black background. Say hello to the new bright, clean and simple, white background. 


Hated it. Changed it. Easy enough. 


Simple is a good thing, right? K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. Apparently, I was stupid because I was confusing you all for the longest time. I did not stop at changing the background, I updated my pricing page to make it easier to understand. 


Gone is the confusing pricing list or investment list or whatever photographers like to call it. There are no more packages with limited outfit changes or set changes, if purchase this you get a discount of off that, or any other trick photographers will use to make more money from you. 

I hated my previous price list. There were too many options on it and instead of making sense, it just confused people.


Below is not really a photo of my previous price list, just so you know.


confusing-price-listconfusing-price-listA confusing price list used by photographers


Too many options drive me crazy!!!


I have gone to the grocery store many of times with the intention of going in quickly to grab something to eat, only to spend 45 minutes wandering aimlessly around the store because there is just too much to choose from. I can never decide. I get confused and frustrated and eventually leave the store hungry and empty handed. 

Please tell me I am not the only person that has experienced this?


I hate being confused, so now our pricing is simple and easy to understand

No more packages!

Now, there are only TWO photo shoot options available. Thats all.


You will also notice that there is only one product available for purchase, Professionally Edited Digital Images, THAT YOU CAN PRINT YOURSELF. 

We are not up-selling you by creating a photo album, selling you prints, wall mounted canvas prints, or any or the things that you can do by yourself and save hundreds of dollars while doing it. 


You may ask, “why be so different when every other photographer sells these exclusive products?” The answer is simple. Our job is to take amazing photographs that you will fall in love with and want to purchase, not to sell you “product”. 


We create life long memories, not sell you an 8x10.


Back in the day, photographers had access to printing companies that the general public did not. These printing companies could create huge prints, lay flat photo albums, framed portraits, canvas prints, etc. 

However, the internet changed all of that. Now the printing companies make their products available to everyone, not just photographers. It is as easy as doing a Google search under “photo books”.


We wanted to simplify the buying process so you could spend your quality time doing the things you enjoy, not by wasting it trying to decipher a confusing price list, or even worse, having to contact the photographer and request one by email. 


Your time is valued.


The last thing I hated was the welcome message on the home page. Yikes, I can not believe that at one point in time I thought that boring and generic message was acceptable. It was like meeting someone for the first time to shake their hand, only to do that smooth move when you pull your hand back really fast right when the other person reaches out to shake your hand. 


old home pageold home pageMy previous cold and not so inviting home page and welcome message


It was horrific, absolutely horrific.  


Well, that welcome message on the black background is no more. Now the message on our home screen is much more inviting and empowering, clean and clear. 


Hope you enjoy the changes.





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