9 Fabulous Tips For Amazing Maternity Photos

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Your belly looks beautiful. Time for some maternity pictures, but before you strike your curvy pose in front of the camera, here are some tips to consider for your upcoming maternity photo shoot.


1 - When To Schedule

You will want to have your maternity shoot starting around the middle of the 7th to 8th month of pregnancy. You and your belly will have a beautiful, full shape. Plus, the pregnancy “glow” will look its best during this time.


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2 - How To Prepare

Since this is a maternity photo shoot, your hands are very important because they will be touching or holding your belly most of the time. Having some great looking nails will make you look much better in your photos. 

Get a manicure and keep it simple. Over the top designs or styles will put more focus on your fingernails and take away from your belly.


Pregnant Belly PicturesPregnant Belly PicturesSexy pregnancy pictures and Maternity photography of a pregnant womans belly


3 -  Hair And Makeup

There is nothing that says you can’t get all glammed up for your maternity photo shoot with a smokey-eye makeup look, long fake lashes, and your hair styled perfectly. It may actually look very sexy. 

Unless that is the look you are going for, it is best to keep your hair and makeup simple and natural. Go with a minimalistic makeup look. Use a light foundation, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and a natural tone lipstick. Keep your hair styled as natural as possible.


Pregnancy Belly Picture From 8 Months Pregnant Boudoir Maternity Photo ShootPregnancy Belly Picture From 8 Months Pregnant Boudoir Maternity Photo Shoot8 month pregnant woman jumping in mid-air during a maternity boudoir shoot with Las Vegas pregnancy photographer Bryan Kurz


4 - Posing For That Perfect Shot

There are lots of great looking poses that will make you and your baby bump look amazing. You can do a Google image search or look through Pinterest for pregnancy photo poses. There will be thousands. Try to find some that interest you and the look you are trying to accomplish. 

When you find some you like, try them out in front of a mirror along with your facial expression. Does the pose look better with a full teeth showing smile, just the lips smiling, or a neutral expression?


nude pregnancy posesNude Pregnancy PhotographyPregnant nude woman posing with her hand covering her breasts


5 - Getting Your Skin Camera Ready

If you are wanting pregnancy photos what will show off your bare belly, or if you are going to be posing nude or semi-nude, you will want to avoid wearing tight-fitting clothing and accessories at least 2 hours before your photo shoot. 

Wear loose-fitting clothing to avoid elastic or clothing marks on your skin. 

You will also want to moisturize your skin with lotion at least an hour before your shoot to prevent any glare on your belly from the studio lights and dry skin patches from showing.


Maternity photosMaternity Photos Las VegasGlamour & Boudoir Photography by Las Vegas Photographer Bryan Kurz


6 - What Outfits Look Best In Maternity Pictures

Again, keeping it simple is the best way to go. You and your beautiful growing belly are the stars of your maternity photos. 

A bare baby bump looks stunning! 

If you are wearing clothes, form-fitting clothing look the best and will compliment your figure. 

Black clothing gives you a slimming silhouette. 

Silk or sheer fabrics that are draped or wrapped beautifully around your body revealing your baby bump looks very elegant. 

Strapless, spaghetti straps, and long sleeves all look good, but avoid t-shirt length sleeves. 

Also avoid clothing with large distracting patterns, floral prints, stripes, swirls, and plaids. 

When in doubt, simple is better. 


Maternity Pictures Las VegasMaternity Pictures Las VegasElegant maternity photography in Las Vegas


7 -  Should I Bring Any Props

Some maternity photographers love to use props like your baby’s first ultrasound photo, cute little baby shoes, or a chalkboard with your baby’s name on it. Although bringing such props sound like a good idea and in theory should look fun in your pregnancy photos, unfortunately, they rarely do. 

Ultrasound photos are hard to make out and not very clear. Blocks and shoes are just a distraction and will take away attention from your beauty. Save yourself the time and leave these at home.


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8 -  Can The Father Be In The Photos Too

Absolutely! This is an important time in his life too. However, just because you may be posing nude or showing your bare belly, it is not advised that the father be topless as well. This is another idea that sounds good in theory, but I gave seen countless images of both the mother and father topless and they all look awkward. So guys, keep your clothes on.


Pregnancy boudoir photoMaternity BoudoirPregnancy photo of a mother to be holding her large belly


9 - I love All My Photos, But…

I have had many of clients look at their photos immediately following their photo shoots and love nearly all of their photos. They want to buy all of them but say they have a budget of “X” amount of dollars. 

My job as a photographer is to create amazing photos that you fall in love with and want to purchase.

A photo is a memory, a moment in time captured. Something that is forever.

It is not an expensive designer purse or shoes that looks great at first, but will collect dust in a closet or go out of style in a few years. 

Truth is, it’s better to get more now and be happy that you did, than to not get enough and wishing you had more later.


Thank you for reading my 9 tips for maternity photos. If you found them helpful, please comment below and share with your friends.


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