What Lingerie Looks Best For A Boudoir Photo Shoot

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We saved you the time and trouble of looking all over town and online for that perfect piece of lingerie. 

Here are 22 amazing lingerie outfits that will spectacular in a boudoir photo shoot.


I am writing this blog post for two reasons. 


Reason one. I get asked time-to-time by women who would like to know what types of lingerie they should wear in their boudoir photos. 


boudoir las vegas 23boudoir las vegas 23


I advise them that wearing a new outfit will always look better than wearing that old corset that is stuffed in the back of your top dresser drawer. You know, the one that has only been worn once because it is super uncomfortable and a pain-in-the-ass to keep the stockings attached to the garter belt? 


3 boudoir photography3 Las Vegas Glamour Boudoir


Wearing new lingerie will make you look and feel sexy!


vegas boudoir 4vegas boudoir 4


Reason two. Shopping for lingerie is very time consuming. 

I went out the other day in search of an outfit that would look great for a photo shoot. 


sexy plus-size lingerie 20sexy plus-size lingerie 20


Good news: I found one. 

Bad news: It was expensive and I wasted 30 minutes looking around the store for other outfits that would look equally good. 


las vegas boudoir photography 15las vegas boudoir photography 15


I could not find any other lingerie that looked high-quality and sexy. 

Most looked trashy. Lots of lace and leopard prints. The kind you wear for your special someone on a romantic evening, not for wearing and posing in photos. 


plus-size boudoir 25plus-size boudoir 25


I left the store empty-handed because I knew I could find the exact same chemise online at a better price… And I was right. I found the exact same outfit online for $29 LESS, and they offer free shipping! How awesome is that?


intimate photography 14intimate photography 14


So I spent an hour or so looking through their website for some lingerie that would photograph well, and I found 22 outfits. 


lingerie photography las vegas 12lingerie photography las vegas 12


Well, more like 21 because there is one photo of the same lace chemise that is available in plus-size and it looks so good that I wanted to include its link too.


curvy girl photography 16-17-8curvy girl photography 16-17-8


All photos are clickable and will take you directly to the lingerie pictured. 


black bra and panties 5black bra and panties 5


They also have some amazing looking shoes that will match perfectly with the selected lingerie!


boudoir photographer 22boudoir photographer 22

plus-size lingerie 18-19-9plus-size lingerie 18-19-9

boudoir photos 1boudoir photos 1

boudoir lingerie 26boudoir lingerie 26

lingerie photography 2lingerie photography 2

boudoir 6boudoir 6

lingerie for boudoir photos 7lingerie for boudoir photos 7

plus-size boudoir photography 21plus-size boudoir photography 21

boudoir poses 13boudoir poses 13

curvy boudoir photos 24curvy boudoir photos 24

bondage lingerie 10bondage lingerie 10

sexy cat costume lingerie 11sexy cat costume lingerie 11


(Images in this blog post were not taken by Las vegas Glamour Boudoir)


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