Do I Need Premium Photo Editing

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Is premium photo editing right for me?


That is the question asked by many of my clients while they view their photos after a boudoir photo shoot. I try to remain neutral because everyone has different reasons for their photo shoot.


I live in Las Vegas and in the summer it is pool season for all the casinos and that means lots of cocktail and pool jobs. Many of the casinos request to have a printed head shot submitted at the time of the job interview or audition. A friend of mine that does the hiring at one of the pools told me that the competition for these jobs are fierce. Thousands of women apply for only a handful of jobs that they have available. He put it into perspective for me when he said, why should we have a 9 when we can hire a 10? When they compare photos at the end of the day, the better looking photo is the one that usually lands the job. 


Some women that I have photographed want to look a little slimmer or larger in certain areas, other women say they want to keep a natural look, but most choose the premium photo editing because they want to see the reaction on their significant others face when they see how amazing they look in the photos.


In the before and after photos below, you will see the before image shot directly from camera and the premium photo edit side by side. Most edits are subtle. Thats how I believe photo editing should be. I do not go extreme and make you look like someone you are not. Instead, I correct problem areas that would make a better looking photo. 


When comparing the side by side edits, pay special attention to the areas of the stomach, side rolls, arms, legs, underarm, skin, and ankles. These are generally the areas that most women I photograph say they would like to have "fixed".


before-and-after-maternitybefore-and-after-maternityBefore and after maternity photo edit before-and-after-pregnant-bellybefore-and-after-pregnant-bellyBefore and after maternity photo edit pregnant-belly-before-and-afterpregnant-belly-before-and-afterBefore and after maternity photo edit plus-size-before-and-afterplus-size-before-and-afterbefore and after boudoir photo edit plus-size-before-and-afrer-editingplus-size-before-and-afrer-editingbefore and after boudoir photo edit before-and-after-boudouir-editingbefore-and-after-boudouir-editingbefore and after boudoir photo edit before-and-after-curvy-photo-editingbefore-and-after-curvy-photo-editingbefore and after boudoir photo edit curvy-photo-editing-before-and-aftercurvy-photo-editing-before-and-afterbefore and after boudoir photo edit nude-before-and-after-editnude-before-and-after-editbefore and after boudoir photo edit





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